Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adriana Lima Shares More Diet & Workout Info

Adriana Lima Shares More Diet & Workout Info | adriana lima | workout supermodel quote diet
 Adriana Lima Shares More Diet & Workout Info

A while ago, Adriana Lima told us that she went on a liquid diet, followed by a protein diet to lose the baby weight. That sounded pretty strict, so it’s good to know that these days, Adriana also incorporates occasional treats in her diet (but continues to work out hard):

On eating candy:
I need the energy. I work out a lot, I work out every day. I do jumping rope and boxing. Per day, I use 1000 calories. So I do need to eat a lot and have all that protein, all the shakes, in my system. And I need a little candy! Now it’s gonna get more intense. I go there every day for an hour and a half!
On her gym routine:
AL: I do jumping rope, I do shadowboxing. I do boxing. I do a little abs, and little squats. I don’t use any weights at all. Everything I do is with the body, your own weight. The only thing I may use is a jumping rope.

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