Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heidi Klum: ‘I’m not running to get Botox’

Heidi Klum: Im not running to get Botox | beauty body image | quote plastic surgery beauty image
Heidi Klum: ‘I’m not running to get Botox’

A few days ago, supermodel Heidi Klum was telling us that ‘skinny isn’t always better’ – and today, the same Heidi talks about aging:
“I don’t think of getting older as looking better or worse; it’s just different. You change, and that’s OK. Life is about change. I don’t have anxiety about it, so I’m not running to get Botox. Maybe that will change, but I don’t think so. I feel comfortable in my skin and comfortable with ageing, so I think it’s OK that I get wrinkles.”
… says Heidi in Self Magazine.

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