Saturday, December 25, 2010

Courteney Cox and Co-Star ‘Inseparable’ At Cougar Town Holiday Party

 Courteney Cox and Co-Star ‘Inseparable’ At Cougar Town Holiday Party

Courteney Cox might deny that there was any affair between her and Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt, but their behaviour at the show’s holiday party certainly has people talking!

E!’s Marc Malkin reports that a source claims that the pair was ‘inseparable’ throughout the party, and that;
“Courteney and Brian pretty much stuck together the majority of the evening.”
“There definitely wasn’t any hand-holding or kissing, but they did stay and stand together for most of the party.”
Well I’m pretty sure that they are good friends so it’s not that surprising to me that they were standing together throughout the party! Not sure if that would be enough for me to think that there was something else going on though. What do you think – does the fact that they stood together throughout the party mean that there’s something going on?!

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