Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kelly Bensimon Barely Escapes Accident In Blizzard

 Kelly Bensimon Barely Escapes Accident In Blizzard

The East Coast was hit HARD last night. Sure, it’s beautiful to watch from the comforts of your home, but it’s never safe to drive during a blizzard. ‘Real Housewives of NY’ star Kelly Bensimon barely escaped crashing on the Long Island Expressway last night while heading home.

She tweeted about spinning out of control.
During the blizzard, we spun out in my Mercedes on the LIE. I was petrified. It was like skating not driving. I need a #safe car
And here I thought Mercedes were one of the safest cars on the market! Perhaps Kelly Bensimon should invest in some snow tires.

Thank goodness everything worked out and she got home safely.

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