Saturday, December 25, 2010

How Jennifer Hudson Keeps Fit Over The Holidays

 How Jennifer Hudson Keeps Fit Over The Holidays

I can’t believe how incredible Jennifer Hudson looks! She has always been a beautiful woman but it’s nice to see her so happy now that she’s lost 80 pounds! The holidays are such a tough time of year to stay on a health regimen, but Jennifer told Extra TV that she’s not worried!
“I’m not going to cook. I’m actually having a huge Christmas family dinner celebration… they’re doing Weight Watchers, too… all they have to do is come and look good.”
Wow that must take some serious will power! I’m all for healthy living, but Christmas dinner is the one thing I won’t give up! Although I think it’s great that she has her family on board, because that will definitely make it easier to stay on track. In addition to her healthy eating Jennifer also does a workout of four sets of push-ups, leg squats and sit-ups every day. She also ncludes an hour of intense cardio and another hour of resistance training.  Wow, that’s dedication!

Do you even bother to diet over the holidays or do you just wait for the New Year?

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