Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kelly Osbourne Poses As Miley Cyrus, Has Email Hacked

 Kelly Osbourne Poses As Miley Cyrus, Has Email Hacked

Kelly Osbourne posted a picture of herself and new bff Miley Cyrus on her twitter account last night and in the pic Kelly is sporting a long brunette wig with the caption ‘I’m just being Miley!!!!’. This day after she posted a picture of her and Miley eating cupcakes! The two have become fast friends now that they’re filming ‘So Undercover’ together and Kelly has even gone so far as to tweet her support for Miley after her ‘bong’ scandal.

Kelly also took too her twitter account to vent about the fact that her email account had been hacked! The actress posted the following on her twitter page;
Someone has hacked my mail account the police are now involved whoever did this is in big HUGE trouble!!
My account is now police reported stolen property if you try and sell any of my information you will be prosecuted even further
The a** that hacked my account had all my emails forwarded to his email address so I now know who it is I will find u & u will be arrested
Genuinely heart broken that someone hacked and read all my personal info! is nothing sacred? Literally devastated!
That really is terrible, and hopefully they find whoever did it! Hopefully she didn’t have anything too personal in her email! What do you think of Kelly in the Miley wig? I think it completely changes her look!

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