Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kelly Osbourne Goes NUTS On Luke Worrall On Twitter

 Kelly Osbourne Goes NUTS On Luke Worrall On Twitter

Wow! It looks like Kelly Osbourne isn’t over the fact that her relationship with Luke Worrall ended on a sour note (to say the least). For the last few days, Kelly has been ripping Luke apart on her Twitter feed. I can’t post the picture as the main shot of the post because she curses a bit (in true Osbourne fashion) and I don’t want you to read that unless you choose to.

Here are a few of her tweets. I didn’t correct the spelling:
  • He used me for my money and a free ride he is lucky I am not spilling the hole truth about what he did!
  • What do you do when someone lies in the darkest way and you try to tell the person that was lied 2 but they don’t believe you?
  • wow just found something out that has hurt my feelings so bad :( and christmas was going so well…
  • Iam and always will be 2 good 4 @luke_worrall darling ur pretty face will only get you so far because u don’t have the brains to back it up
  • Dont think I have ever felt so stupid he made a fool of me going to be off Twitter for a while never felt heart brake like this in my life

 The last time Kelly opened up about Luke, she called him her “best friend”. This was after their split. My guess is she just found out something terrible that set her off the edge.

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