Saturday, December 25, 2010

Danielle Staub to Ex-Castmates: Be Nice!

As someone who might get murdered any day now, Danielle Staub is trying to make the most of each second.

That's why she wants 2011 to be worry-free, telling Radar Online that her resolution is to "get in touch with my fun side."

"That is what I want. I want the fun girl to come out," Staub said. "Fun is sexy and cute and dorky. I'm all those things... I am me. There is always going to be haters and they win when they bring me down."

Sucky Staub

 Danielle Staub to Ex-Castmates: Be Nice!

Foremost among those haters, of course, are The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle's former co-stars. Does she have any advice for Teresa Giudice and company?

"Stop being mean girls and resolve to be nice to everyone. Period. There is a much better existence."

Of course, that better existence involves being married to a rich person. Staub says she's on the lookout for a mate ("I'm leaning more towards a male.") and his bank account will play a key role.

"I was married to a man with $100 million dollars. Why would I go down from that?"

Seriously, people, in their a worse human being alive than Danielle Staub?

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