Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mariah Carey Feels The Love

 Mariah Carey Feels The Love

Mariah Carey has felt nothing but love from the public, ever since she announced her pregnancy to the world. The singer, who is expecting twins, with husband Nick Cannon says that people’s good wishes have been a huge boost to her during the pregnancy.
“Obviously I’m very thankful for this moment. Since Nick and I made our announcement, people have been very congratulatory.
“We didn’t really want to talk about this yet, but I’m in the public eye and really didn’t have a choice.

“So I’m just thankful I can go through this time and feel a lot of warmth. It’s restored my faith in people a bit.”
I’m so excited for these little ones to be born. For some reason I’m getting the feeling that they’re going to be tiny little diva babies! I can’t wait to see how Maria and Nick dress them once they’ve made their big arrival.



 Photos by Fame.

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