Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alina Kabayeva Lands Cover Of Russian Vogue: Causes Controversy

 Alina Kabayeva Lands Cover Of Russian Vogue: Causes Controversy

Alina Kabayeva is making headlines today and it’s with good reason. Forget about everything that’s going on in Hollywood, this story is juicy!

So, who is Alina Kabayeva? She’s allegedly the mistress of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Imagine if our President’s mistress landed the cover of Vogue? Alina Kabayeva just topped any story involving Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Charlie Sheen!

The 27 year old Olympic gymnast graces the January cover of Russian Vogue wearing a gold Balmain gown. This is causing it’s own controversy since the dress has been featured several times already this year. Scandalous all the way around.

The prime minister has been married to Lyudmila Shkrebneva since 1983. 1983 is also the year that Alina was born.

A few years ago, it was rumored that Alina Kabayeva and Vladimir Putin tried to arrange a secret marriage but it never went through. Vladimir also fathered a child with Alina a few years ago. This is of course all allegedly!!! No one is admitting anything!

Wonder why Vogue would choose to put Alina Kabayeva on their cover?! I guess so we could all talk about their decision. :)

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