Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Get The Controversy Over Shiloh’s Style

Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Get The Controversy Over Shiloh’s Style

I have to agree with Angelina Jolie on this one. Honestly, one of the most talked about things online is why Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has short hair! It really is something that a lot people think a lot about, and Angelina addressed it when she spoke with YOU Magazine.
“I don’t think it’s for the world to interpret anything. She likes to dress like a boy and wants her hair cut like a boy and she wanted to be called John for a while. Some kids wear capes and want to be Superman and she wants to be like her brothers. It’s who she is. It’s been a surprise to us and it’s really interesting, but she’s so much more than that – she’s funny and sweet and pretty. But she does love a tie.”

Shiloh is so young – I can’t believe that people think she should look any way at all! I think it’s great that Angelina and Brad are willing to let their children express themselves. She also went on to say that encouraging all of her children’s originality is important to her.
“Hopefully I’m giving my children the sense that they are deeply loved and deeply safe. At the same time we are hopefully encouraging their individuality as they get to know who they are, and not getting in the way of that. That’s why they are six very strong individuals.”
That must be one very busy house! What do you think of Angelina letting her kids express their individuality through their clothes and hair?


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