Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cameron Diaz Rejected By ‘The Script’ Singer Danny Donoghue

 Cameron Diaz Rejected By ‘The Script’ Singer Danny Donoghue

‘The Script’ lead singer Danny Donoghue revealed that he once rejected Cameron Diaz after the two of them were on the Today Show together. According to Danny, Cameron gave his management team her phone number because she was interested in getting to know him, but he never called! Cameron’s shouldn’t feel bad, – Danny had a very good reason – he already had a girlfriend!

“Cameron Diaz once asked me out, it was when we were both in New York on The Today Show. She gave her number to my management. I didn’t call her though. I’m happy with my girlfriend. To be honest I wasn’t even tempted.
He doesn’t say just how long ago this encounter was, but he apparently didn’t throw her number away:
“If me and my girlfriend broke up I’m sure I’d track her down. I wouldn’t be intimidated. It’s a pretty cool thing to happen though.”
That must have been a nice ego boost to know that Cameron Diaz was pursuing you. ;) I’m sure many men would kill to be in his shoes.


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