Monday, December 20, 2010

Does Christina Aguilera Want Her New Boyfriend And Her Ex To Be Friends?

 Does Christina Aguilera Want Her New Boyfriend And Her Ex To Be Friends?

Oh well this just sounds a bit odd to me! Sources claim that Christina Aguilera thinks that life would be a little easier if her soon to be ex-husband, Jordan Bratman and her new boyfriend, Matthew Rutler became friends. Um, I just don’t see that happening! The source tells More! Magazine that;
“I’m sure Christina thinks that if Matt and Jordan can become friends, the whole situation will be easier.”
 However the source claims that Jordan doesn’t seem too keen on that idea (I can’t really blame him!)

“I doubt Jordan’s convinced. Some people think he must be humiliated by the public breakdown of his marriage and hurt by her recent comments about how she knew they were over. Not to mention her very public relationship.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s fed up with playing nice, but with their son to consider, we can understand why they’d want to make peace.”
It would be nice for them to get along for the sake of their son, but I do think she’s moved along to a very public relationship pretty quickly – don’t you think? And to be honest with you, I don’t really see this new relationship lasting very long, but maybe that’s just me! Would you want to meet your ex’s new significant other?!


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