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Emma Stone Loses Her Mind Over Golden Globe Nomination

Rebecca Gayheart Takes Daughter To Park

Look at that face! Oh what a doll! Always love to see celebrity babies!
Here’s Rebecca Gayheart at the park yesterday morning with a male friend and daughter Billie Beatrice. Rebecca’s child was already in the park with her nanny and the actress stopped by for some fun. Another celebrity without makeup this morning. Two in one day! I’ll take it!
Rebecca and Billie played on the swings and slide while the nanny took a little break. The actress looked like she was having a blast with her baby girl. It’s such an amazing stage, isn’t it? Everything is new, fun and magical for a child when they are that young. Really sweet…

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Celebrities Without Makeup: Debra Messing

I always love to see celebrities without makeup on because it reminds me that actresses have imperfections just like the rest of us. In the day and age of Photoshop, it’s sometimes easy to forget.
Here’s Debra Messing leaving a salon with no make up on. She looks pretty surprised to see the paparazzi. Debra’s someone we don’t get to see very often, so this is a real treat.
According to IMDB, the actress has no work lined up for next year. Here’s to hoping she lands a gig and soon! Love that girl.
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Celebrity Pictures: Katie Holmes, Catherine Zeta-Jones, And Michael C. Hall

Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Blair Underwood helped deliver the Golden Globe nomination announcements this morning. I am loving Katie’s look here. So often we see her looking tired, but here she is glowing.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and her mom bundled up and headed out in the cold NYC weather this afternoon. I wonder if celebrities enjoy this weather because it gives them an excuse to pull their scarves up over their faces and avoid the paps a little bit.
‘Dexter’ star Michael C. Hall is seen out and about for the first time since the announcement of his split from wife Jennifer Carpenter.

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Emma Stone Loses Her Mind Over Golden Globe Nomination

Emma Stone Loses Her Mind Over Golden Globe Nomination

All day the actors and actresses have been sharing their thoughts on the news of their Golden Globe nominations.

The latest to share her complete shock and excitement is actress Emma Stone. Emma is nominated for her performance in “Easy A“. She joked:
As you can imagine, I was expecting this and I wasn’t surprised at all when they called me. I looked like Cinderella when she wakes up and the doves came and put a robe on me.”

She then shares what her REAL reaction was when her manager called and woke her out of a dead sleep:
“I lost my s*** of course,” Stone, 22, laughed. “It’s just so wild and so unexpected.”
She says she’s not sure how many people she’s allowed to bring along for the awards show, but she hopes she can bring her whole family.
“I don’t know what the deal is. I’m just gonna see how many people they’ll let me bring. I’ll just have the whole family on board and we’ll be rolling up like the Beverly Hillbillies to the Golden Globes.
She says of the other actresses in her category (Angelina Jolie, Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Anne Hathaway):
I’m honored. They are amazing.”
Did you see Easy A? I heard it was really good! I’m SO happy for Emma; she’s up against some tough competition.

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