Friday, December 10, 2010

Is ‘Blue Valentine’ Star Ryan Gosling Getting Closer To Blake Lively?

 Is ‘Blue Valentine’ Star Ryan Gosling Getting Closer To Blake Lively?

Okay, so ‘Blue Valentine’ stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have made it clear they are NOT dating. And Blake Lively did split from her ‘Gossip Girl’ co-star, Penn Badgley. So maybe there’s something to OK! magazine’s story, which suggests Ryan and Blake may at least be getting to know each other?

OK! reports that the two spent most of their time at a ‘Blue Valentine’ party together this week.
“Blake waited patiently to greet Ryan. They both looked so happy to be with each other, he hugged her and and she held on to his arm,” an insider tells OK!.
“They talked for a very long time. The only time Ryan left her was when he had to do a quick interview,” the source adds..“When it looked like Ryan was leaving, Blake grabbed him back and he sat back down,” our insider noted. “He also grabbed her hand while they talked.”
OK! says the Blake and Ryan also spent some time together at Disneyland a few months ago.
Hmmm… I think they’d make a very cute couple ;) .

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