Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Olivia Wilde And Jeff Bridges Attend ‘Tron: Legacy’ UK Premiere

 Olivia Wilde And Jeff Bridges Attend ‘Tron: Legacy’ UK Premiere

Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges braved what was reportedly a cold British night to attend the UK premiere of ‘Tron: Legacy.’ While talking to reporters on the red carpet, Jeff confessed he had doubts if he should reprise his role (he starred in the 1982 ‘Tron’ movie) as developer Kevin Flynn.
“I had a little bit of hesitation. They assured me it wasn’t just beautiful eye candy and it would be a good story. They came up with one and I am thrilled with it. It’s wonderful. I had heard the rumors for so long. It’s a real ride.”

Olivia plays Quorra in ‘Tron: Legacy.’ I just want to know: where’s Garrett Hedlund, the star of the movie?

Oh well. I think Olivia’s dress is meant to remind us of the colorful Tron costumes: good idea!


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