Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christina Ricci Kisses And Tells On Robert Pattinson

 Christina Ricci Kisses And Tells On Robert Pattinson

Don’t worry, Robert Pattinson’s real-life girlfriend (and ‘Twilight’ star) Kristen Stewart doesn’t have anything to worry about: Christina Ricci had to kiss Robert for the movie ‘Bel Ami‘ ;) . And she wasn’t shy about dishing on the ‘Twilight’ star’s kissing skills.
Now, Christina Ricci says he’s a “good kisser.”
Ricci added, “he’s a lovely human being also. He reminded me of my best friends’ little brothers growing up. He’s just, like, a silly, fun guy. We laughed a lot. He makes fun of himself all the time. He’s adorable.”
I’m sure Kristen would agree- LOL.


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