Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kate Bosworth And Danny Huston Talk About Exposing Baby To Violence On Set Of New Movie

 Kate Bosworth And Danny Huston Talk About Exposing Baby To Violence On Set Of New Movie

Kate Bosworth and Danny Huston are starring in the film “Warrior’s Way” together, an action flick about a samurai swordsman who “picks up an eight-month-child and is thrust into America’s Wild West”.

Danny shared that the crew was very concerned about the violence that the child was exposed to on set:
“The child was very much present throughout, and gives a really good performance I must say – smiled at the right times, frowned at the right times,” Danny Huston, who plays villain Colonel, told Pop Tarts. “Occasionally during some of the more violent action sequences, the AD (assistant director) became very protective over this child. So, we all took great care of it and were all parents to this really fun character of a child.”

Kate admits that she loved working with the “diva” baby:
She’s in so much of the movie so she absolutely was around us all the time. I’d say she was the only diva on set – she’s the only uncontrollable variable where of course if she was hungry or tired, we’d have a lot of dialogue and work around that a little bit. But she’s so beautiful and lovely. To see her face, you just melt.”
Kate admitted that she has a hard time watching her own movies:
“I have such a hard time watching my own films because by the time the film comes out, I feel like I’ve already done a few films. Like anything, you learn and grow and hopefully get better at what you do. By the time I see the film, I’m like ‘ahh, I could have done that differently.’ I think I’m pretty hypercritical, probably the most critical of myself so I always have a bit of a hard time.”
Do you think you could deal with exposing such a small baby to violent scenes on a movie set? You have to wonder what goes through their little minds!


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