Saturday, December 18, 2010

Olivia Wilde Felt “Challenged” To Fit Into Tron Suit

 Olivia Wilde Felt “Challenged” To Fit Into Tron Suit

I don’t have rights to any of the pictures of Olivia Wilde in her ‘Tron: Legacy‘ suit, but you can click here to see one. Goodness! No wonder she found it “challenging” to fit into that costume.
“I’m so proud to be in a suit that was created by fifty technicians and engineers, complete with wires and lights running through it. I saw it being built slowly through the months and then bang it just lit up,” Wilde gushed to Pop Tarts at the film’s grandiose premiere in Hollywood over the weekend. “But it did take a few hours just to get into it.”

Olivia said she had to undergo a “grueling” martial arts workout for her role, which probably helped her fit into that suit!
“It was an effort to get into that suit, but if I was a real astronaut I wouldn’t expect that to be easy either. It’s all part of the process, it’s a challenge and that is what creates the rewards,” she continued. “I’ve still got a pretty mean roundhouse kick. I don’t think I could fight with a sword anymore, I’ve lost all my arm muscles, but it was pretty amazing to learn all these techniques and if we do another one I’ll learn them all again!”
Are you looking forward to seeing ‘Tron: Legacy’?

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