Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Natalie Portman Carb Loaded After Filming Black Swan!

 Natalie Portman Carb Loaded After Filming Black Swan!

Poor Natalie Portman – the gorgeous actress had to lose 20 pounds for her role as a prima ballerina in the hugely anticipated movie Black Swan, so once filming ended she indulged in carbs again!
The actress told PEOPLE magazine at the films premiere that;
“It was just pasta and bread and pizza all the time,”

 I would totally be the same way! I couldn’t imagine having to restrict my diet so much for a role! Portman also said that she had to change her way of eating to lose the weight for the role;
“It wasn’t really giving up [food],”
“It was just smaller portions … It was more quantity than a particular thing
“Working five to eight hours a day for a year … it’s what real dancers live through, It was an amazing experience, but definitely a difficult one.”
I guess that’s just suffering for your craft though, right?!


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